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The Child Development Club is a website providing parents, caregivers, educators, therapists and other professionals working with children international resources about child development.


The Child Development Club offers advertising for educational resources.


Working with the Child Development Club will allow you to reach thousands of consumers of children’s educational resources. For those providing online merchandise, you will have the opportunity to reach an international market. Child Development Club can represent and share your brand with an engaged audience.


Child Development Club is well suited to promote educational toys, books, teaching resources, therapeutic products, and educational services. 


If you would like more information about ad rates and details, please use the Contact Us form. 


Product Reviews:


As an occupational therapist working with children, I am always interested in learning about new products. I enjoy analyzing products to see what sensory motor skills are needed for a child to play with a toy.


Consumers are interested in learning about new innovative products related to child development (i.e. parenting books, special needs products, baby products, educational toys, children’s books, and teaching resources etc.).


The Child Development Club will only review and promote products which are relevant to our audience. All products to be reviewed must have paid shipping and are not returnable.


For more information about Product Reviews, Contact Us.


Thank you,

Laura Efinger, M.A. OT/L, CEIM

Founder, Child Development Club


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