Workshops for Parents and Educators

Come and join us for these enjoyable, interactive and educational workshops for parents and educators. 


All workshops provide:

1. Educational information presented through lecture format, handouts, videos, picture, group discussions and hands on play.

2. Fun and engaging activities.

3. Opportunity to meet other parents and teachers and brainstorm in group activities.

4. Valuable packet of handouts to take home, including many educational website links.



Vision and Fine Motor Development: Infants and Toddlers: 

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will demonstrate a basic understanding of:

1. The developmental milestones for infants and toddlers regarding vision and fine motor skills.

2. How to identify red flags of a vision and fine motor impairment in a child.

3. Activities to develop vision and fine motor coordination skills.



Preparing Pre-Schoolers for Writing: 

A child starts to develop the skills necessary to write long before holding a pencil to paper. Attention, memory, language and listening skills, visual skills, sensory awareness and motor coordination all play a role in a child's ability to write. It is important to have an understanding of these underlying skills and how they affect a child's ability to learn to write. 


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will demonstrate an understanding of:

1. The building blocks of writing.

2. How to develop these underlying skills through play activities.

3. How to complete a readiness for writing informal assessment for preschoolers.



Sensory Play for Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers: 

Did you know that we have 8 sensory systems? Children use their senses to discover the world around them. It’s vital in a child’s development to provide them with the opportunity to develop these senses. 


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will demonstrate an understanding of:

1. The 8 sensory systems and how they affect a child’s development.

2. How to identify red flags of a sensory impairment.

3. How to select age appropriate sensory activities for a toddler and preschooler. 

4. How to provide a child a well rounded sensory experience through play. 



FAQ: Handwriting:

Through a question and answer format supported by visual examples, frequently asked questions will be addressed in this workshop.  “My student always seems disorganized on the paper, how can I help him organize his writing?” “When should I switch my student to cursive handwriting?” “Sometimes my daughter uses upper case letters in the middle of words, why would she do that?” “What is the best handwriting program to use with my students?” If any of these questions sound familiar to you, then perhaps this is the workshop for you!  



Sensory Integration Tools to Enhance Classroom Learning: 

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will demonstrate a basic understanding of:


1. The senses and sensory processing. 

2. How deficits in sensory processing can affect a child’s learning. 

3. How to be aware of what a child’s sensory preferences may be.

4. How to incorporate fun & practical sensory activities within the classroom for 4-14 year olds.

5. How to use these activities to enhance a child’s performance in school and at home. 


Infant Massage Course:

Would you like to learn how to massage your baby? If so, come and join this course, which consists of 5 weekly one hour classes. There are many benefits of massage for a baby, such as promoting better digestion and sleep, relaxation, and sensory stimulation, as well as, benefits for the parents, such as facilitating bonding and learning techniques to comfort and soothe their babies. Each week parents learn strokes for a new part of the body while reviewing strokes from previous classes. Therefore, new strokes are learned and previous information is reinforced. The presenter, who is a certified educator of infant massage, will demonstrate each stroke, while the parent performs the massage on their own baby. It is a supportive group class where parents can learn from one another. Detailed massage stroke handouts and massage oil provided. Parenting topics related to massage and child development will also be discussed in each class. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow and receiving blanket and anything else you and your baby need to feel comfortable.



Meet the Presenter: 

Laura Efinger, M.A. OTR/L, CEIM, founder of the Child Development Club, is an American licensed occupational therapist and Certified Instructor of Infant Massage. She presently lives and works in Egypt, providing occupational therapy consultations and educational workshops. She is presently available to present any of these workshops within Egypt and Jordan.

If you would like to attend a scheduled workshop, host some of these workshops at your facility or customize a workshop to suit the specific needs of your audience, than CONTACT US by email.


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